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We often talk not only about the convenience of instant messengers, but also about the side effects that appear because of them. Today we will talk about ignoring in correspondence: I’m sure everyone faces this at least once a year. The interlocutor can read your messages and leave them unanswered while online. There are many reasons for this, let’s look at the most basic ones so as not to go into the wilds. Who is right, who is wrong, and is it worth it to do so – make yourself comfortable!

What is Internet Ignore

Ignore is a very broad concept. In a broad sense, it means the absence of a reaction to the manifestations of a person. Ignore in messengers is a situation when your messages remain unread for a long time. In general, the word itself is an abbreviation for “ignoring”. So the term became much more popular, becoming less official. Thanks to the theme of ignore, we have received a lot of films, books, news and even technology.

Do you often get ignored by your interlocutors?

For example, the familiar “ Mute Notifications ” feature in WhatsApp or Telegram is one of the most important in the process of ignoring. On the one hand, it allows you to focus on important things by turning off notifications from an obsessive person. On the other hand, you can offend this person, especially if you accidentally share a screenshot with him , where a simple mute icon will be shown

Why is it necessary to ignore

Usually , ignoring in social networks and instant messengers is used for two purposes – to protect yourself from an obsessive interlocutor or to manipulate a person. If everything is clear with the first point (you have a colleague or friend who suffers from parceling or just likes to communicate too much), then the second type of ignore is used in close relationships. For example, to teach a friend or soulmate a lesson for something, for example, for the same ignoring messages. Some psychologists believe that this is the most powerful tool in interpersonal relationships.

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve come across this tool. What do you think about this?

If your relationship with your loved one is at an impasse, then ignoring his messages in instant messengers will make him feel guilty and active. Roughly speaking, with this simple tool, you put up a barrier to prevent the satisfaction of a need. I think it’s worth explaining this with my own example: a friend of mine a couple of years ago made it a habit to reply to our messages once a month.

He explains this by saying that he was lazy, he was busy, or simply did not have the mood. He does not think about what we are worried about him and is not averse to talking. For him, communication with us is a one-time action. He answers once a month, and meets with us at best once every six months. I don’t know if he enjoys it, but it looks very strange.

Why are they not responding to messages?


If we abstract from ignoring as a tool, it turns out that we are complicating the situation in vain. In Telegram or WhatsApp, you may not be answered due to being busy: the person on the other end of the wire simply does not have time to answer you or he does not consider that your messages are worthy of high priority.

Yes, unfortunately, we all have more important things to do, but we don’t want to answer friends’ jokes . I myself sometimes do not answer friends for several hours when I want to get work done. Is it ignore? To a certain degree. This is a slight manifestation of ignorance – a conscious distancing, delay or lack of reaction, emotions to correspondence.

The reason for this may be a little forgetfulness and emotional exhaustion: you get so tired at work that at the end of the day you look at incoming messages and forget or don’t know what to answer to them. But there is also a total ignore – this is a deliberate exclusion of the reaction to the manifestations of a person, even to thoughts about him. For example, you wrote to your ex-girlfriend “How are you?”,Perhaps the chat with you was simply deleted, and the messages were not read. By the way, disabling the delivery report in WhatsApp is also part of the ignore. Think about this when you decide to go into the shadows.

What to do if a person ignores messages

I can’t imagine life without communication, I can’t and can’t ignore people and their messages. Imagine that you are a child, an adult passes by, you greet him, but he does not notice you. I think this has happened to everyone. Awkwardness is just the simplest thing that is experienced at such a moment. Feel free to explain to someone that you can’t always reply, but never start unilaterally ignoring other people’s messages without warning. In my opinion, this is ugly and unethical.

Don’t know what to do? Be silent in response!

Another way is a mirror ignore on your part. Here begins a kind of war in which there are no winners, only losers. The one who went into the shadows first will be upset sooner or later, and the person who answered in the mirror will worry about the lack of communication and this whole situation. One day, both will sit down at the negotiating table to discuss the situation. Question: why not do it right away, so as not to bring it to this? Worth thinking about.

Social networks and instant messengers provide many opportunities to stay in the shadows, hide from anyone. Ignoring other people’s messages from a loved one is an unpleasant phenomenon. It seems to be better to think twice before turning off sound notifications for a user or blocking them.

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