What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Cars in Ireland?
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Production and use of electric cars have increased significantly in Ireland. The market for these electric vehicles had been steadily opening up in past years, but they have now completely arrived and are here to stay.
There are several possibilities available right now. This variant has assisted in lowering costs and boosting sales.
The cost of fuel-powered vehicles varies depending on the characteristics and functions of the vehicle. Similarly, to this, the models of electric automobiles vary as well based on their characteristics. In general, electric vehicles are good and popular choices. The advantages and disadvantages of entirely electric vehicles are: We are discuss in this article about What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Cars in Ireland.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Lower Operating Price

The freedom from concerns about rising gas and diesel prices is the finest perk of operating a completely electric vehicle. You are no longer impacted. Electric vehicles run on batteries and need electricity to refuel at either a home-installed electric charger or a public charging station. They are making the transition might result in gasoline cost savings of up to 70%, according to the SEAI.

Lower servicing

Since there are fewer moving components in electric automobiles, they require far less repairing. However, they do necessitate the expertise of mechanics with the required experience. This implies there won’t be more oil changes, catalytic converter replacements, fuel filter changes, etc. Even the brake pads on the automobile last longer with regenerative braking than they would in a gasoline or diesel vehicle.


Driving an electric vehicle is better for the environment if your concerns extend beyond financial savings or cost-cutting. As opposed to using fossil fuels, this will let you drive with peace of mind because there is no carbon footprint.

Reduced car tax

Ireland’s lowest tax bracket for electric vehicles is €120 a year. With the government aiming to have over 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030 and a growing emphasis on pushing the move to electric, this is unlikely to alter over the next several years. We are discuss in this article about What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Cars in Ireland.

Increase in Battery Life

Most people were concerned about battery life and being forced to pay thousands of dollars after a few years in the early phases of adopting electric cars. The advantages of technology have made it unnecessary to consider this anxiety. Most brand-new electric cars include a battery guarantee of up to 8 years.

Enhanced Range

Most electric cars nowadays have a range of about 300 kilometres. Due to manufacturers’ focus on boosting efficiency, this is rising daily. If that’s not enough, most electric cars come with a choice between a smaller battery and a bigger battery with a significantly greater range. It has two battery capacities, the 39 kW delivering a 305 km range and the 64 kW offering an amazing 484 km range (at an extra cost).

Higher Car Supply

Most manufacturers currently provide at least one type of electric vehicle and are actively shifting their attention to developing electric vehicles. Volkswagen is one company that estimates that by 2030, 50% of new vehicle sales will be electric, and by 2040, 100% of new car sales will be electric. Peugeot has pledged to sell exclusively 100% electric vehicles by 2030.

Disadvantages of electric cars

The presence of charging infrastructure

Despite the high targets set forth by the Irish government for adopting e-cars, there are still very few public electric charging stations available.

The rising price of electricity

While one of the key advantages of electric cars is that they can offset the growing expense of petrol, it is also true that electricity prices are steadily rising. Use the ESB’s electric vehicle charger cost calculator to find out how much it will cost to charge your EV. We are discuss in this article about What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Cars in Ireland.

The high price of purchase

Even with the government’s €5,000 rebate for new EVs, electric vehicles are still somewhat costly compared to standard gasoline or diesel vehicles. A brand-new Nissan Leaf with a 40kw motor costs €28k and has a 270km range. In comparison, a brand-new Seat SE with a petrol/diesel engine costs about €20,000.

Protracted Charge Times

You might have to wait more than an hour for it to charge if you’re fortunate enough to locate a fast-charging, high-voltage public charging port. Use a low-power home charger to charge it all night long. It typically takes 8 to 9 hours to recharge completely. All of this may be compared to the two minutes it takes to fill up your gas tank for those of us with short attention spans.

Reduced Range for Models on a Budget

With fuel-powered cars, no matter the automobile you choose, you can drive long distances without worrying about fuel once you fill up at a gas station. Usually, there is another gas station close. Of course, there are instances where one automobile model may deliver a higher MPG than another.
Range anxiety is still prevalent with electric cars, especially the more affordable versions. Smaller batteries, such as those in 39 kW electric vehicles, often only have a 200 km range, making it impossible for rural drivers to go from Donegal to Dublin. It is the equivalent of doing long commutes with only half a tank of gas, which may be acceptable for city driving.

Range reduces in colder climates.

Ireland is not known for its pleasant climate. In cold weather, electric cars (depending on the type) might lose up to 20% of their range, especially when the internal heater is required due to the cold. On the bright side, these batteries may frequently travel farther than their indicated range on the one or two days per year when the sun is out.

How to Generate Finance for Electric Cars?

Keeping all this in mind, if you consider purchasing an electric automobile, you can opt for car finance in Ireland with bad credit. These options are well-suitable to those having low credit score issues.
Since these vehicles are designed to serve all societal groups, many people want to purchase them. The lack of funds often restricts them. However, they may obtain rapid car loans in Ireland from the market. Auto financing is a simple method to make your dreams come true.


Future projections show that the market for electric vehicles is growing and becoming profitable. They have a bright future and give their customers quick service.
Electric vehicles occasionally lack a few characteristics, but the market’s dynamics have fundamentally altered with these third-generation vehicles.


Electric vehicles are set to play a significant part in the future of Ireland, given the government’s commitment to lowering emissions.

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