Valentine's Day Gifts
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“Saying something through the flower” – a phrase that not many use anymore, but which often becomes a reality on Valentine’s Day. Men have always tried to win the hearts of their loved ones on February 14 with small letters, chocolates, or flowers.

Valentine’s Day gifts go both ways. Many make something very special for themselves on this day and others simply bring a bouquet of flowers home with them. But anyone who keeps bringing the same flowers is considered unimaginative.

How about some other “flowers” ​​instead? Flower sneakers, flower dresses, flower jewelry, flower pants, or flowery hand cream? Flowers don’t have to come as a bouquet or a single rose this year for Valentine’s Day, but can also be cleverly combined with everyday things. So you are no longer a Rosenkavalier, but a flowery partner that women like to know by their side.

White skirt with tendrils from Pieces

Valentine’s Day – So much more than just gifts

If you choose floral greetings for your loved one, you not only show that you pay attention to your loved one, but also that you are a trendsetter. Flowers are right at the top of the trend list for 2018, not only when it comes to fashion, but also when it comes to accessories, shoes, jewelry, and decorations.

So you can’t go wrong with flowers and so the only question is whether it should be prints or embroidery – at least if you should decide on a piece of clothing.

Choosing a piece of clothing is not that difficult. You just take the favorite color of your loved one and look around which parts are printed with flowers. Of course, you should also know your clothing size (you can find out by looking through the top garments in the closet) and you’re good to go.

Especially popular are maxi dresses and jumpsuits with large roses, pretty midi-length skirts, and dresses with an all-over floral pattern or denim pants with large floral embroidery that climbs along the legs. Hoodies with flower prints, leather jackets with rose embroidery, or bathing suits with tulips are also spotted and so the normal bouquet of flowers is allowed to abdicate.

If the clothes are too delicate for you because of the size, you can also use shoes. They keep coming back with flowers these days. You can’t go wrong with white sneakers with floral embroidery and surprise your girlfriend with what she likes best – flowers and shoes!


Flowery greetings without flowers

If you have no idea what size your loved one is wearing, you can also use other flowery greetings for Valentine’s Day. For example, how about cooking for your loved one and serving the food on a plate with roses? If she likes bubble baths, it can also be a bubble bath with flowers. Hand creams, scented candles, or a new perfume with a flowery content are also well received.

It only gets more glamorous with jewelry. Fortunately, flowers are also very trendy here. Small rose earrings, tendrils as a necklace, filigree flower pendants, sunflower charms from Thomas Sabo, or even a thick flower ring are exactly what your loved one wants to put on their finger for Valentine’s Day.

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