Terms and Conditions

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After providing you with detailed info about our privacy policy, we want to make sure that you also know about our terms and conditions.

Once you have accessed our website, you agree with its terms and conditions. If you do not want to accept them, we request you discontinue the usage of our services.

·         Cookies

We use different cookies for our website, and once you have accessed it, you have consented to use those cookies. These cookies provide us with the user’s information as discussed above. If you want to avoid the usage of cookies, you should not agree with our terms and conditions.

We have full rights to all the materials present on our website. All those rights are reserved. You may access them by visiting our software and using them under certain conditions for personal use.

  • You should avoid republishing our content.
  • You should avoid renting or selling material from our website.
  • You should not make duplicates or copy material from our website.
  • You should not redistribute content and material present on our website.

·         Opinions

Many users are provided with opportunities to share their opinion on this website. Those are neither edited nor filtered before publication. Those opinions do not reflect the ideas and concepts of our website. They only reflect the idea of the person who posted them. For that purpose, our website is not liable for any of the hurtful comments published. In the same way, the website should not be held accountable for damages caused by those comments.

The company holds the right to monitor all comments and can remove opinions from the website that breaches the terms and conditions of the website.

  • For comment publication, you should have all the licenses and consents given by the website.
  • The comments should not invade the privacy or property right of any third party.
  • The comments should not contain defamatory or offensive material that is against the law.
  • The comments should not be used for the promotion of any third party.

·         Hyperlinking

The websites that may link with our website without any approval are

  • News organizations
  • Search engines
  • Government agencies
  • Online directory distributors
  • System-wide accredited business

All of the above organization may link to the home page of our website just in case they are not used for deceptive purpose or does not support any false sponsorship. They can not connect with our home page if they are using it for endorsement.

People who can link with us

Other people that can link their pages with our websites should follow the terms and conditions that are

  • business information
  • common consumer
  • online directors
  • accounting or law consulting firs
  • educational institutions
  • associations of charity groups
  • dot.com community services websites

Conditions for approval

Our conditions to accept those requests are

  • The link should not make us look unfavourable
  • the organization should have a positive record
  • the organization should benefit our cause in our absence
  • the link is only used for general information


We would only keep the link connected if

  • It is not used for a deceptive purpose
  • It does not falsely sponsor any third party
  • It does not approve a negative cause.

You can link with our website by using our corporate name, uniform resource locator and any other description given on our website. You can neither use our logo nor any artwork related to our trademarks.


You are not allowed to create frames around our website that affect the visuals of our website. You can only do this once you get written approval from our website.

We will not be held accountable for any content available on your website. You have agreed to protect us on your website i.e. no decisive website should be linked with your website ad you should protect third-party rights.

Removal of links

We have all rights to remove any link from our website that is offensive to anyone. All you have to do is to contact us at any moment. We will take it under consideration after reviewing it, but we are not oblivious to responding to you instantly.