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Owners of long hair are lucky to have luxurious hair, not only because it looks beautiful, but also because you can do different hairstyles. There are several options for hairstyles for long hair that have already become classics and have not gone out of fashion for many years. Why not repeat some of them on New Year’s Eve. Then your image will definitely look complete.

Hairstyles for long hair that will always be in fashion bundle

A stylish bun will never go out of style. For many, he is associated with the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, who chose this hairstyle not only for the set, but also in everyday life. No wonder many people like this simple option, because it helps to feel confident and elegant.

There are many popular beam options:

tall and tight;
with a pigtail braided into a bun;
careless, with a low tail;
shell bundle, etc.
Therefore, this hairstyle can hardly be called boring. In addition, the beams are so versatile that they are suitable for any occasion.

Careless curls

Hollywood curls look spectacular and beautiful. Those owners of long and even hair who want a change can make careless curls that will look harmonious with everyday bow.

Many Hollywood celebrities prefer this hairstyle, for example, Sienna Miller. Sloppy curls are her signature card. Tousled curls look romantic and casual.

Asymmetrical parting

Now the trend is simple and careless hairstyles, so you can forget about the parting. An image with an asymmetrical parting will look much more interesting and unusual. If you do not know what hairstyle to do, then do not be afraid to experiment and style your hair in a way that you have not done before.

For the evening version, you can throw most of the hair on one side. It looks stylish, elegant and unusual.

Curled hair ends

Princess Kate Middleton knows a lot about fashion trends. The Duchess of Cambridge has been appearing in public for many years with straight hair that is twisted at the ends. Such styling has not gone out of fashion for many years.

This hairstyle is a good alternative to catchy curls. In addition, the twisted ends will look luxurious on thick long hair.

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