Russian spy worked for Microsoft
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Russian spy worked for Microsoft. Working in Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters was the Russian Alexey Karetnikov, who was deported from the US as a member of a “spy ring.”

Call him the 12th guy, but this one was different because Alexey Karetnikov, who was deported to Russia as a member of the “spy ring” earlier this week, worked for Microsoft, according to the US authorities. According to information made public by the US, Karetnikov arrived in the country in October and had been residing in Redmond, the city in the northwest state of Washington where the headquarters of software behemoth Microsoft is located. according to his Facebook page, he was employed by both Microsoft and Neobit, a software firm with Romanian roots. According to the US Department of Homeland Security, the suspect was only “just in the early stages; had just set up shop” when he was apprehended during the sweep that resulted in the largest spy exchange since the Cold War.

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Russian national Karetnikov, who was in his early to mid-20s, was detained for immigration breaches since there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him of a crime. However, the DHS was certain that he had received “absolutely no [useful] information” since he had been watched practically from the moment he landed in the US.

The Russian acknowledged being present unlawfully and consented to be deported rather than face additional legal action during a court hearing on Monday.

Microsoft claimed it was investigating Karetnikov’s claims but provided no more details.

It’s unknown if Karetnikov belonged to the same espionage network as Anna Chapman, who was located in the nation’s capital. According to one source, Karetnikov had found employment in the US and was “just doing the things he needed to do to establish cover,” according to the Washington Post.


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