Rebel for a reason
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Specific accessories like a watch with a navigator signal your membership in the running community, but it’s not the only way to stand out from the crowd. The most inconspicuous element of clothing – socks – can be evidence that we have a person with a special outlook on life. Read this Stride Mag article to learn how to stand out from the crowd with colorful running socks.

Scientists from the Harvard Institute conducted a study in 2013 , finding out that people associate success, high social status and competence with non-conformist behavior. In other words, if you behave freely, defend your own interests, which may differ from those generally accepted (or accepted in a particular social field), your will and rebellion will be associated with success than if you were a conformist, “like everyone else.” Why are you reading this? Because among the many ways to show your extraordinary character and vision of the world, the most obvious is to do this through external attributes, in this case, running.


To do this, it is not at all necessary to turn into an eccentric person, like the late Malcolm McLaren (ex-manager of the Sex Pistols) or his widow, designer Vivienne Westwood. It is enough to give a subtle hint that you are a person of a special warehouse – for example, by wearing unusual socks. If you think that socks are not a good enough reason to discuss, check out Wikipedia – there you will find an entire page devoted to the phenomenon of wearing socks with sandals, which has become not only a reason for shaming, but also an element of kitsch. One pair of socks is enough for a statement: a good example is runners Tommy Smith and Jim Carlos in 1968, during the so-called “silent protest”, put black socks on their hands  to emphasize their active position in the fight against racism.

A bright pair of socks on men’s feet is a reason for discussion: and if in the 16th century a pair of light-colored leggings as an element of a man’s wardrobe symbolized sexuality, then in the 20th century, which survived two world wars, several financial crises and other misfortunes   , dark blue, black and brown practical pairs have long ousted eccentric patterns from everyday wardrobe.

The runner sees the runner from afar

Only sports socks (non-legitimized white) brought confusion, but only by the 21st century, when sports became a serious part of the lifestyle, wearing a bright pair became even more justified. Sports, namely running, socks change the look at socks in general, primarily because of comfort. Unlike the ubiquitous cotton pair, technical running socks have several important elements that are now hard to imagine running without.

This is the support of the arch of the foot (especially relevant for various kinds of deviations in pronation), and the anatomical fit, ventilation, seamlessness and compression. All this is categorically absent in ordinary socks that are not intended for running, which is why there are often corns, corns, an unpleasant smell and other inconveniences that logically arise when a thing is used for other purposes.

Returning to the subject of discussion, we note that running socks are another way to recognize like-minded people in a crowd of strangers, a distinctive sign. And if running socks of traditional colors are also chosen by ordinary people (because it is convenient), then running socks using unusual patterns will greatly emphasize not only the lifestyle of the one who wears them, but also the character. Of course, this small protest against the ordinary in itself will not make you a James Dean “rebel for no reason”, but it will give a clear signal that you are taking a step towards everything extraordinary.

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