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During pregnancy, you don’t want to get sick. Especially catching infections. But during epidemics, children are also born. There have already been cases of infection of pregnant women with a new type of coronavirus. How did it all end? And what if you are also preparing to become a mother and are afraid of the disease?

The sick gave birth to healthy 

The flow of news about the pandemic scares even the most cold-blooded: more and more infected! And the virus is new, and it is not clear how it affects pregnancy. However, scientists already know something about the disease. Firstly, because they began to study it all over the world at once. Secondly, other similar viruses are already known to people, including outbreaks of SARS.

Another good news: even if a pregnant woman has contracted a new coronavirus, the fetus does not suffer from it. At least, this is evidenced by observational data on nine pregnant women from Wuhan, China. Only one newborn was infected there. But, most likely, he became infected after birth by the usual airborne droplets: the test was done 30 hours after birth.

Of course, the question still needs to be studied, but the first observations give optimal results.

Wash every finger

Methods of protection for a pregnant woman are the same as for everyone else.

  • Wash your hands for a long time and correctly: both the palm itself and its outer side, between the fingers and each finger separately.
  • Do not touch the mucous membranes on your face with your hands.
  • Refrain from shaking hands or hugging.
  • Do not touch the elevator buttons, door handles, or flush buttons in the toilet with your fingers. It is better to use a napkin or press them with your elbow.
  • Ventilate the room frequently.
  • To protect others when sneezing and coughing, it is best to cover yourself with a handkerchief or elbow.

As for the masks, the sense of them is doubtful. A regular mask will protect others if worn by a sick person. Another thing is professional respirators worn in laboratories. But they are not suitable for everyday use: the one who wears them simply does not have enough air. Especially during physical activity. Therefore, washing your hands is much more important!

What if I get infected?

According to Christian Drosten, infection with coronavirus does not have any special symptoms and for many, it proceeds like a common cold. You should consult a doctor if a dry cough appears and the temperature rises, it becomes difficult to breathe.

As the virus spreads in Germany, the likelihood that many pregnant women will also become ill increases. But at the moment, everything suggests that such an infection does not harm an unborn child.

Don’t read everything!

Trembling about your pregnancy is natural. But sometimes caring for a child develops into panic fear and harm. How to avoid it?

  • First, filter the sources of information. Choose only reputable resources. Skip headlines that clearly “play” on the feeling of fear.
  • Remember: people are especially afraid of new threats. Of course, a pandemic of an unknown virus is scary! But 25,000 people died from the common flu during the 2017-18 outbreak alone. However, no one panicked: everyone is used to the flu!
  • Don’t read the news all the time. Limit yourself to a couple of times a day at certain times.
  • If disturbing thoughts still do not give rest, especially distract yourself with some business, better – related to movement.
  • Discuss your fears honestly with your doctor.

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