Making the decision to fail students who use Tik Tok
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Making the decision to fail students who use Tik Tok. According to the Sindh government, students who use Tik Tok during their matriculation examinations will not be considered for graduation.

It would often be viewed as unjust and unreasonable to fail students only because of their engagement in TikTok or any other social media site. Instead of extracurricular activities, the knowledge, skills, and talents displayed in the pertinent subject matter should be used to evaluate academic success.

The provincial minister for universities and boards in Sindh, Ismail Rahu, voiced dissatisfaction with several boards for failing to eliminate duplication during board exams around the state.

TikTok and other social media platforms can be distracting, but it’s essential to understand that for many people, they also provide a means of self-expression, amusement, and even a creative outlet. Striking a balance between academic obligations and personal interests is essential, but punishing students exclusively for their use of social media sites is unlikely to be a successful or equitable strategy.

The main goals of educational institutions should be to provide a welcoming and inclusive learning atmosphere, offer time management advice, and motivate students to prioritize their academic responsibilities while responsibly following their personal interests.

He has instructed the controllers and chairs of the board to punish severely any pupils who use Tik Tok during examinations.

Hyderabad matric students who were discovered making Tik Tok videos will now pay a fee, according to the province minister.

He gave orders for other boards in the province to follow suit.

The provincial minister emphasized the significance of prosecuting students who bring cell phones into testing facilities.


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