Is Exitlag Safe and Legit for Gaming?
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Is Exitlag Safe and Legit for Gaming? When playing your preferred game, do you experience excessive ping and packet loss? The absence of latency when playing games must feel fantastic. Several gamers have used reliable VPNs to address their network problems so they can game without interruptions. One such gaming VPN is Exitlag.

What is ExitLag?

A VPN program called ExitLag was created for online gamers. ExitLag only supports a select few/specific games, in contrast to the majority of popular VPNs that support all games by rerouting the internet connection. Only well-known games are supported by this VPN program at the moment.

It’s interesting that this VPN offers a 3-day free trial to try out all of its capabilities before you commit to a premium membership.

ExitLag is effective in lowering packet loss, ping problems, and jitter lag. This VPN has been endorsed by several well-known CSGO gamers as a smooth gaming option.

How does ExitLag Work?

As was already said, ExitLag is a VPN program. Rerouting the internet connection through its own servers and routes is how it operates. The likelihood of experiencing packet loss is higher if your internet connection is poor. Because of this, VPNs like ExitLag are required to prevent packet loss.Other background programs, such as Spotify and the Chrome browser, won’t be impacted when this VPN is ON. To lessen packet and ping loss, the game you’re playing is forwarded through the closest available servers.

ExitLag servers experience less traffic and congestion than the typical public ISPs. ExitLag also employs Multipath Connection, which sends packets over a number of different pathways, to increase internet stability.

Which Games Does ExitLag Support?

ExitLag now supports over a thousand different video game franchises. The following is a list of a few well-liked books:

  • Maplestory 2
  • Apex Legends
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Lost ARK
  • GTA V
  • Valorant
  • Black Desert Online
  • DOTA 2
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • World of Warcraft

ExitLag: How Do I Use It?

The ExitLag VPN should first be downloaded from the download page.
Once the download is complete, click the file to launch the setup procedure.
The installation location for the file should be chosen.
Restarting the system will apply the adjustments when the installation is finished.
Wait for the rerouting to take place when the restart is finished.
After finishing, enter the game’s name into the ExitLag home screen.
Hold off till the game has been optimized.
Choose the game’s closest location to you, then select the Apply Routes option.
Launch the game now to begin playing.

Is ExitLag Safe?

ExitLag is secure to use, yes. Nonetheless, the ping and packet loss may not alter significantly (like a drop from 300ms to 50ms). The second best option for this is to try playing the game while changing your broadband connection to a faster one.


ExitLag VPN is definitely worth a try if you want to improve your gaming experience. But, you won’t really notice a difference in ping or packet loss if your home or business has the greatest internet infrastructure. So, we only advise you to use this VPN if your location’s internet connection is really poor.

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