Electric Meter
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Nowadays, our lives revolve around electricity. Nothing is possible without electricity. The world becomes dark and the cycle of life will stop without light.

As time has passed, the world has changed. The modern age produces modern things. At an earlier age, they mostly used manual things. Machinery was introduced later. 

1:Digital Meter

First, digital meters are used for electricity. To become a successful generation, awareness is a must. However you don,t know about your rights, you cannot achieve success.

How to read a digital meter?

Meter reading is very easy. Once you get knowledge about meter readings, you will be able to know your expenditure on electricity. An exterior hangs on your door which shows the numbers to know about the units correctly. 

Look at your meter. There are numbers that always read from left to right. There may be four or five numbers on the meter. Always read the first five numbers shown on the meter. Ignore the last number which is in the red box. This number is on the right side, never count it. Write the numbers on the page. These numbers are in black or white color. 

2: Electronic Meter

In this meter, there are four to five numbers shown for reading. Reading the meter is very necessary. It will help the supplier to make the bill exactly. If you don’t send them a reading they will never judge your used electricity. They may send you a bill in doubt and it may be low or at a high rate. They cannot justify billing.

Always read from left to right. Ignore the number in red. Note on your copy and write them correctly. Avoid writing the last number which is after the decimal point and in red color. The numbers you have to note are in black or white. Before reading the meter check your previous bill, it can help you in reading. 

3: Dialed Meter

These meters are introduced later. It has mostly hung on your door since 2017. It has four to five dials to show the numbers. There is a needle to point out the numbers. 

There are always 0 to 9 digits. They are just like a clock. They are definitely different from each other. As usual, the first dial shows like a clock. The other dials must be in different directions. If the pointer is on an exact number, write it down. If the pointer is between two numbers, always write the lowest number. If the pointer is between 9 and 0 always write the 9 in the reading. When you write numbers from 0 to 9, then you must have less than one before you count. For example, if the number is 5 you have to write 4.

4: Smart Meter

It is a modern technique. These meters are very comfortable and keep you relaxed. You have no need to read it because it reads itself and sends a message to the supplier.  There are also 5 dials to show the numbers. Each dial has a pointer to indicate the numbers. If the pointer is an exact number, write it down. If the pointer is between two numbers, always write the lowest number. If the pointer is between 9 to 0, write the 9. Where the first pointer will become the first number and the second pointer will become the second number. Similarly, write the next numbers. carefully.

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