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Coconut is a winter variety. It is eaten in winter because it is warm and keeps the body warm in winter according to the temperature. Mostly you saw it open in equal half pieces. If you have to open it, how do you open it? It is very easy to open the coconut in an accurate way.

Anybody can open the coconut but if you do not know how to open the coconut correctly, in what way its meat will not break into small pieces? You have to know about its methods of opening the coconut

There are many methods to open the coconut.

First of all, you have to drain out the water from the coconut. This water is delicious in taste and you can drink it, and also use it in other recipes. To drain out the water, a clean nail and screwdriver are also used. There are mostly three eyes in every coconut. The shell of this point is very thin. You can hit it easily and take a glass to drain out the water from the coconut.

1:Hit with any hard thing

The first method to open the coconut is to hit the coconut with a wall or anything which is hard enough to open it. In this way, the coconut will break in pieces and the meat will take out from the shell. But this method is not the most popular, because in this method the shell breaks in pieces, and the meat will also break and it is not like opening the coconut in this way. 

2:Use of Hammer

The second method is the use of a hammer. There are normally three eyes in the coconut and the surface of these eyes is very thin and weak. It is easy to break it. After you take out the water, take a hammer and hit the coconut. The coconut will be in two pieces and take out your meat inside the coconut. 

3:Use of Handsaw

If you want the shell to break into two equal pieces, you should be careful. Some people want to make the shell in round shape. Because it will be used in many ways. You can use it to keep the candle. You can also keep jewelry and anything else.

After taking out the water, place a kitchen cloth so that the coconut stops rolling. Take a saw and start to run it in the center of the coconut. The coconut is in two equal pieces. Now take your coconut meat and use the shell as you wanted. 

4:Use of Freezer 

This method is not commonly used. But it is also a useful trick to open the coconut. Keep the coconut in your freezer to open it. After 10 hours of hitting the shell, it will break easily and you can take out the meat. But in this method, the water mostly does not get, because the water is frozen. 

5:Use of Oven

The oven is also used to open the coconut. First, drain out the water and then place the coconut in the oven tray over 190C (475F) for 15 minutes. When you take the coconut out, the coconut will be cracked and your meat is ready for you.


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