How to Measure Chest
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Nothing is possible in this world.Some struggle and effort will make you able to do anything. But in this process the word,,want,, is so important. If you want to do something, it would be done automatically. But if you are doing this under any burden or pressure. 

Sewing is a good job. Especially for house women,it is a good job. Women can do this work in their houses without going anywhere. Sewing is a good job but practice is very important. It is a great skill if you know it.

Here we talk about the measurement of the chest. It is a great mission to measure the chest or any part of the body. Well sewed dress talk itself. There is a complete difference between a tailor and a woman’s stitching. 

How to measure the chest?

Take an inch tape or measurement tape to measure the chest. Start to measure the chest under the armpits.Keep the measure tape on the part where the sleeves joints. Start on one        side of the chest and round it the other side of the chest. Keep in mind never take the size of the stomach. Keep the inch tape normal not to lose nor tight. Never pull the measuring tape because it will make you doubt and you make mistakes in size. In this type of size your shirt will be tight

Measurement to the stitched shirt

It is not necessary to measure the body for stitching. You can take the measure of your perfect shirt which you like the most. Here it means not the favourite color or design.It means it looks nice and fits your body. 

Now place the shirt on a flat and hard surface. The place where you place the shirt would be flat and clear, because if the place is not plain you cannot measure the shirt in a good manner. 

Place your hand on the shirt slowly left and right side. So there remains no kreez. Hold your measure tape and take it under the armpits. Where the s;eeves joints to the shirt. Always use a tape of fiber thread, never use metal measure tape. Never loosen the measure tape or make it tight. Keep in mind you have to hold the shirt in the right way. When you measure the shirt, never pull it, because in this way the measurement will be loosened and you make mistakes in stiching. 

An important point in the measurement section, you should have knowledge about the fabric. Because there are different types of fabrics. In some fabric used thread which will be shrinkle. For example, cotton fabric has more chances to shrinkle.As you know that most clothes have to be kept in water because in this way the thread of fabric may loosen or shrinkle as wanted before stitching. Always take the fitted shirt and take a measurement according to its seasoning cloth. For example, silk clothes never measure the cotton clothes.

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