How To Hang A Door
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To hang a door is not very steep for anyone without practice. You should have to know about its exact location. There are many problems with hanging a door. Many things are required in its fitting, which is not mostly found in houses as usual. First of all provide these things. 

Things needed

  • level
  • Drill 
  • Drill/ driver
  • Hammer
  • Handsaw
  • Jamb level
  • Square
  • Sledgehammer
  • Measure Tape

How to hang a door?

It is a work of measuring inch by inch. It is not a supposing or guessing work. Everything has to be done carefully. Otherwise you will be worried after that. Because if you once hang a door and there is something wrong or any mistake you will have to do work,effort again. It is not easy to remove a door again and again. So be careful hanging a door.

First of all place the jamble. Mostly jambles are fitted in during the construction of a house. First shims place to the jamble. First check that the jamble is in the correct location. And it is level. If the jamble is perfect it will be easy to hang the door. Measure the jamble width and make the door according to its size. Take three hinges. Three or four hinges are kept in placement.

Hinges are the main point in the door. Hinges help the door to open or shut. If the hinges are placed perfectly the door fits in a well way.Hinges are mostly of metal or steel. Never to use paper or carboards hinges. There are three or four holes in a hinge  and the hinge has two sides. One is joint to the jamble and the second is joint to the door. Take a screwdriver to fit the screws, it will strengthen the door for a long time. Always keep space in the door and jamble. If there is space in the door and the jamble, it is easier to open and shut  the door with the help of the hinges. Tight the screw with care and tighten it with the screwdriver strongly. Take some nails to join the door. Keep in mind that space is very necessary. If space is not kept downwards the door will rub against the earth or clean. 

Upwards to the door you should keep space. It will help the door to open and shut easily. If there is no space i t may demage your door after some time. Because in this situation the door will rub with the earth or carpet and it loosen the grip of the door. Use some screws in the hinges inside the rubber batch. If you don’t like that the nails or extra screws are seen.   , hide it under the rubber batch.If you keep these hinges lightly fit or loose fitting it will 

make itself open or shut on its own. So tight the screws strongly, so they keep tight for a long time. Always use the door lightly and never push or pull it hard.

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