How to Get Rid of Verrucas
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Verrucas touch your palms, knuckles, knees and fingers. Verrucas are usually rough, tight and harsh. It mostly catches your outer layer skin.Verrucas and warts normally go away with time passed within weeks or even years. 

What Are Verrucas

Verrucas are not dangerous for health. But it may be painful and disturb your routine work. As you know that it mostly appears on foot, palms and knees 

Suppose you have a verruca on your foot ,it is the main part of our body ,which has to bear all the burden of the body. In this situation ,what is your condition?

Symptoms of Verrucas

Verrucas feel rough, tight and hard. Its color is of your skin color or may be dark to your skin. It is viral on your skin and takes its place inside the body.

There are 65 percent chances that they will disappear within two years 

Verrucas spread quickly from person to person when your skin is viral and wet . The chances of catching a verruca increases when your skin is wet or damaged and you have an immune system. 

When the virus of verruca you have caught unfortunately , it will appear after a few months. 

 Causes of Verrucas

Verruca almostly appears itself . Often it may become due to touching the viral skin. It may appear from person to person by touching the skin. 

By using the things of the affected person.

Share things with others. 

Buy using repeated things. 


There are many treatments of verrucas. You can use and apply them easily. 

Home Basic 

Take a banana peel and its size should be of your verruca, Place the banana peel on the verruca and cover it . Use a plaster to cover and tight it. You will see the results within two weeks. 

Garlic is very familiar for its healing. It is also very useful for verrucas treatment. You have to apply it twice a day for one month. 

Apple cider vingear is also very commonly used for its treatment. Take its juice and apply on the affected area. Cover it with plaster 

Tea tree oil is also a very good treatment of verruca. You can apply it on the surface of the verruca politely.It may get rid of verrucas. 

Duct Tape is very commonly used in its treatment. Take a small piece of duct tape and apply it to the verrucas. Change the tape twice or three times a day. It will recover you soon. 

Salicylic acid is a good treatment of the verruca. It may decrease the chance of it increasing.

Milk thistle is a very easily available treatmenr of verruca. You can use it without fear for months.

OTC Freezing spray is a very good and effective way of its treatment. You have to spray affected area twice a day 

Cryotherapy is the process of freezing your verruca. It will decrease the process of spreading it.  


Although verruca normally disappear within two years. But if are consistent to remove it soon, you should have to consult a Doctor.

Podiatrists are the specialists. They are educated and have well knowledge about its diseases and its treatments also. There are many creams and sprays for its treatment. You can buy it from any pharmacy.

Jells are also used for it. 

Injections are also available and useful for its treatment. 

How to stop verrucas spreading

Every problem has a solution. Similarly there are steps for its decreasing. 

Wash your hands after touching a verruca.

Change your soaks daily 

Do not share things with others.

Do not touch nails with mouth,

Do not scratch the verruca with nails.

Do not share your towel.

Avoid to walk in public places without shoes 

Cover your verruca while you take a shower.

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