How To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones
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Tonsils stones mostly removed themselves. When a person coughs out normally the tonsil stones are removed.

What Are Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones are white or yellow small spots on the back side of your throat. In the start they are small and less painful and may remove after some time. But if they are large in size, it can create problems.

Types of Tonsil Stones

  1. Palatine Tonsils
  2. Pharyngeal Tonsils
  3. Lingual Tonsils

These types of tonsils stones are found in every age person, mostly children who become victims of this disease. But palatine is the most common type which is found in humans.

Causes of Tonsils

As you know, tonsils are mostly found in childrens because they do not know how to use and eat things cleanly. They are fond of eating salty and slanted type things. And do not care for their health. 

Food particles are the main cause of it. Food pieces which are left in the mouth can cause tonsils.Bacteria also is the main reason for it. Mostly salty things are the main reason for tonsils


When you feel your throat is sore and swollen. You feel at eating time the throat is painful. And the meal is hard to run through the throat. 

When you feel pain in breathing. It means that tonsils stones are large in size and are in the way of taking breath. In eating you feel pain and difficulty in every process of eating. 

You feel pain in your ears and the neck. Voices feel bad and your sound will be changed. A bite of meal is difficult to take and swallowed. Swelling can be easily felt. Tonsils may be seen easily in your mouth in the back of the throat, side of the throat and the back of the tongue. Normally tonsils are removed themselves while you eat something. If they are small in size and do not give you any trouble in eating or drinking. They are removed byself. 


It is normally made by themselves and has some reactoin. It may not be so harmful if they are small in size. But if they are large in size you should go to the doctor.

Home Remedies

It is a simply treated disease, which can easily be treated at home anytime.


The most important treatment of tonsils is gargling. Add a pouch of salt in hot water and rinse it well. Put water in the glass and take water in your mouth until your throat feels relaxed. This procedure is very useful in tonsils treatment. You feel relaxed in this act. Hot water will relieve you from pain

In normal conditions also use this method. It will reduce the chances of making tonsils, and stop bacteria from spreading.  


Vinegar acid is also very useful in the treatment of tonsils. The vinegar acid has the ability of reducing swelling and pain.Use it three times a day for best results. 

3:Tooth Brush

Tooth brush is also very useful. Use a brush inside the mouth and gently touch the tonsils. Don’t rub it hard because it may injure your throat. There are many blood vessels near the throat.They may injure and the blood will start to flow out.


When you feel that the tonsils are large in size and nothing is affected.You should have to consult a specialist doctor. Tell your doctor and require medicines. Never try again and again byself. It will be dangerous for blood vessels and can be harmful. 

5:Cotton Swab

This is also a very effective treatment of tonsils stones. Take a cotton swab and press the tonsils gently and move them slowly. Do not push or press the tonsils hard because they will injure and increase the symptoms.

You can also use your finger to point out the tonsils and try to remove the tonsils. But it is a very optional task and has more options for injuring the tonsils.You should be careful in this procedure.

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