How to Get Pubg Mobile Free UC and royal pass Deal (2023)
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How to Get Pubg Mobile Free UC and royal pass Deal (2023). It’s not possible to get PubG Mobile UC and royal pass for free through legitimate means. UC (Unknown Cash) and royal passes are in-game purchases that can only be obtained by spending real money or earning through in-game events and promotions. There are many websites or individuals claiming to provide free UC or royal pass, but most of these are scams and can potentially harm your device or steal your personal information. It’s always best to avoid these illegal methods and only purchase UC and royal passes through the in-game store or authorized third-party vendors.

60 + 3 UC free…(200pkr)

300 + 40 UC free…(900pkr)

600 + 90 UC free…(1700)

1500 + 375 UC free…(4100)

Anyone who needs more UC will contact me in ib Uc transfer in 10 to 15min.

Only your pubG id and rename card are required.

600 UC royal pass vs 1800 UC royal pass

The 600 UC Royal Pass and the 1800 UC Royal Pass are two different options for purchasing a Royal Pass in the game PUBG Mobile. The 600 UC Royal Pass is the basic version and the 1800 UC Royal Pass is the elite version. The main difference between the two is that the 1800 UC Royal Pass offers more rewards and exclusive in-game items compared to the 600 UC Royal Pass.

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Pubg Mobile bounce challenge AND bounce rewards.

“PUBG Bounce Challenge” is an event in the popular battle royale game, Players unknown Battleground (PUBG). The Challenge involves players jumping on trampolines scattered across the game’s map to collect rewards, such as in-game currency, cosmetic items, and other prizes. The event is typically time-limited, and player must complete the challenge within the specified period to receive the rewards.

1vouncher /10uc

2vouncher /20uc

3vouncher /30uc

4vouncher /40uc

5vouncher /50uc

6vouncher /60 uc

Per kill 15/30/45/60…………

Winner without killing 300/1500/3000 BTC 3000btc =300UC

Giveaways by youtube channels Facebook AND other platforms.

  1.  Product giveaways – where the winner receives a UC Giveaway and other products.
  2. Social media giveaways – where participants need to follow the channel on social media or share a post to enter.
  3. Cash prizes – where the winner receives a cash reward and UC etc.
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TaskRabbit: A gig economy app that pays users for completing various tasks such as cleaning and handyman services.

Using hacks or glitches in PUBG, or any online game, is not recommended for several reasons:

Against terms of service: Hacking or exploiting game glitches is a violation of the terms of service for PUBG and can result in a permanent ban from the game.

Unfair advantage: Using hacks gives players an unfair advantage over other players, ruining the integrity and fairness of the game.

Free Tournaments AND royal pass giveaway.

Pubg official bonus challenge.

9kill with ChickenDinner: winner price (60UC)

15kill with ChickenDinner: winner price (120UC)

20kill with ChickenDinner: winner price (360UC)

For more information visits the official pub website:


Carding Account VS Legit account in PUBG MOBILE

Pubg Mobile Most Rear Account For Sell || Carding Account  | UC Deducation Account .

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