Oil Out Of Clothes
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Sometimes happens like this, you are in fresh mode and enjoying the time. You are cooking something special in your kitchen and you wear something new or important. You have taken a mistake and some splatters of oil on your shirt. Or are you doing work on your bike and some oil is on your shirt, this not means your shirt is ruined or useless? Don’t worry, try some tricks and your shirt is usable. Most things that are used in cleaning stains are in houses. So do, you are humble, and after some effort, your shirt and mind will be fresh. Obviously, you are in well look dress and some mishappening due to for any reason, there is a stain or spot on your shirt that looks bad. It is not impossible to remove the stain but there are some techniques and instructions for cleaning a shirt.

There are some ways and tools which may help you in removing oil.

1:Blot Out the Stain

When you notice that your is dirty due to some oil or grease don,t

take it lightly and try to remove the stain as soon as possible. Always

remember to avoid washing the fabric directly into the machine.  First

of all, take a paper towel or napkin to blot out the stain as soon as possible.

Choose a flat surface, place the fabric on the surface and blot out the stain

slowly.  Never hardly push the fabric because the stain will be tightly lay

Into the fabric. And you will be not able to obliterate the stain

from the fabric.

2: Detergent or Dish Soap

Apply the detergent powder on the stain spot. You should paste a thick layer

on the stain. Leave it for some time. Time will depend on the type of 

stain. After that rinse it lightly, so that the oil will not spread on the other parts

of the clothes. This may loosen the stain for washing in the machine.

3:Baking Soda

In ancient times baking soda was mostly used. Nowadays baking soda

is also used in our daily routine. Put a thick layer of baking soda on the 

stain and leave the fabric for an hour. After that, take a toothbrush and 

use the brush on the baking soda. And try to remove the paint from the 

fabric. Don’t use your hands in the soda. Because soda has more of

a number of chemicals that may damage your hands immediately.Use

brush appropriately on the fabric until the stain will disappear from the fabric.

4: Bleach

If there is no solution to decreasing the stain. Then you will apply a thin

layer of bleach which will be safer for colored clothes. But must be alert

in applying the bleach. After applying the bleach keep the fabric for a few 

minutes. Because it may change or damage the color. So be careful in 

using bleach.

5: Filtered Water

After every step, wash the fabric in normal water. Now you can use the 

washing machine.  

6: Avoid using the Hot Water

Always keep in mind never to use hot water to remove the stain.

because the hot water will create the most chance of spreading the

oil in the fabric. And you will be more worried about cleaning the stain. 

When you are sure that the stain is enough, disappear. Now you can put

the fabric in the washing machine.

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