How To Drive An Automatic Car
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Modern techniques have made life so easy that is not estimated. Wheels shorten the distance and make life more comfortable than ever. While passing the time, modern things are awakened. Automatic cars have taken the place of manual cars. Automatic car is very easy to drive. It is so easy and comfortable for drivers and owners. Another thing about the automatic car is, it is low in fuel and low  costs in maintaince. It is also very easy for a beginner or newcomer. But sometimes it is difficult for manual car drivers, because it has no cluth and the left foot is not used in an automatic car. Gearboxes are also new types and have different functions. But do not worry, it is very easy to understand the automatic car. 

Main Functions of An Automatic Car

In every automatic car there are always four English words mentioned. P (for Parking) D 

( for starting the car ) N ( for slow speed ) R ( for reversing the car ). These are general mentioned words which can be easily known for anyone. 

Now start the automatic car. Sit on the driving seat and put your right foot on the left pedel and push the button of D or start with the start button. Keep your foot on the pedal until the car starts. 

As with manual cars its gears are also used for the same functions. First gear is for slow speed and when your car is started it will itself work hard for you. It will also change the modes itself. When you want to stop the car, put your right foot on the pedal( brake) and press the P. It is also used for parking the car. When you are in traffic and want to make the car slow in speed press the N. It will make the speed slow as you wanted and when you wanted to increase the speed change the gear. Press the R when you need to back the car. 

Uncomfortable things for manual car drivers

There is no clutch in an automatic car. The manual car drivers felt uncomfortable in absence of the clutch. But it is not a serious issue, they adjust it with the time pass.  

In an automatic car driving only the right foot is used and this is very uncomfortable for manual car drivers. Because they have the habit of using both feet and in automatic cas it is not possible. So they feel anxiety when driving an automatic car. 

Although the automatic car is very easy to run, there are still some confusing points while you start or stop the automatic car. But it will adjust with the time pass and you will be able to drive an automatic car.  

Only some effort will make you able to drive an automatic car because there is not much difference between the manual and an automatic car. These are some learning points you have to keep in mind and you are ready to drive an automatic car.

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