How to do Messy Bun?
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Time never stops for anyone. You have to work according to the time. Those who obey the time and remain regular and punctual in life will be successful in life.

Everyone knows the value of time. Otherwise, the wheel of time will ruin. 

Some of it happens when your alarm clock goes off, and you are late. You have no time to become ready for the office or any job. Suppose you have only 10 minutes to prepare. There is no time to make your usual hairstyle. Don,t worry; we have a solution for this problem. 

The messy bun is the solution to this problem. 

How to make a messy bun?

It is a quick and fast way to become ready urgently. There is no extra need for preparation. The things used in its practice are mostly found and used as usual in your cupboards. 

Required Things


2:Bobby pins


4:Hair spray

5:Dry shampoo( if your hair are clean)


Some things look more hardworking, but they are effortless, actually. The messy bun is also effortless to make. It can make for long, short, and medium size hair. 

Your hair should be enough until your shoulder. It doesn’t matter, whether your hair is clean or dirty. A fantastic thing about the messy bun is that it looks good with hair that was washed two days ago. New washing hair needs more effort to prepare.

Turn your head downwards and keep your hair near the roots. Take a rubber elastic and tie your hair. Keep in mind to gather your hair on the bottom of the head or as you want. When you collect your hair in a place where you want to make your messy bun, tie it with a pony. Now you have to use the bobby pins to stabilize your hair. Use bobby pins properly, on frontside, backside, and other sides also. 

Now twist your hair around the bun carefully. Twist the whole hair around the bun; you have to keep some strands without the bun. Leave the bottom of your hair outside. Now spray your hair to look good and keep your hair still in one place till the evening.

If your hair is clean, you can also use dry shampoo as a spray, to make them ready. Dirty or two days ago, washing hair is best for it. 

Curly Hair   

It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have. Curly hair is also suitable for a messy bun. Comb hair well and gather them in one place. Use a leave-in cream to make your hair soft. Its avocado oils give you a soft touch and grip your tough hair. When you twist your hair, leave out some stray hair and wrap them around the bun lightly, it will give an excellent look to your hair. 

Straight Hair

Straight hair also needs some extra texture because they are so straightforward that it cannot stay in one place for a long time. You have to spray them to make them ready for a messy bun. There are many creams and sprays for this purpose. You can buy it from the market. Bind the hair in one place and tie it with elastic on a high ponytail. Start to twist the hair around the bun slowly. Use bobby pins to keep hair at one point. Leave some flippy hair without getting caught. Now spray hair to stay in one place till evening.

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