How to Cook Sea Bass
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Have you ever cooked sea bass? It is a very delicious dish and a spell cooked recipe.It has a great source of protien ,low fat and filled with iodine. It is very easy to cook.You can cook it only in 15 minutes. It is the total time of its preparation. 

There are three easy methods to cook sea bass. 

1:Pan Frying

Pan frying is an easy and quick way to cook sea bass. Take a sharp knife to scrub the skin of the fish and cut it into fillets. Use a kitchen towel to clean the fillets. Do not wash the fillets deeply and put the water on it directly. In this way fillets can tear and are unable to cook. Coat the frying pan with little olive oil ,not more. Take a plate and put the fillets on it and pour some salt and black pepper on it . Cook the sea bass on medium heat and cook it for five minutes each side. When the color of the fillets becomes golden brown ,change its side slowly. Don,t move it again and again. Its skin is cooked properly and is crunchy. Don’t overcook it..The flesh of fish is more sweet due to the sea. Fish will never cause the blood pressure and it is useful for heart patients


Coat the fillets with olive oil,salt and black pepper. Take foil paper and cover it carefully.Put the dish in the oven at 200c for 40 to 60 minutes. You can roast the whole fish at once. Fillets are more tasty when they are roasted. It’s cripsy and crunchy taste will be very useful for health. 


Grill the sea bass under a preheated. You can grill the fillets in a microwave oven for 2 to 3 minutes. Once changed, brush the fillets with olive oil.And cook for more than 1 minute

Now your fillets of sea bass are ready to eat .Serve it with lemon and spinach leaves.

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