How many Calories in a Cup of Tea
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Tea is the most common beverage used in two/third in the world. It is planted more due to its taste and different flavours. 

Tea is full of polyphenols.There are many views about tea. Why is it like that so much? It is used all over the world. It is liked by all generations including men, women and even the younger generation. 

Types of Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is the most commonly used tea. It is very tasty and useful for health. It is an antioxidant ,protect heart,brain and immune system. 

It reduces oxidative stress., fight with others and make better cognitive functions. It may free your brain from radical damage and slow cognitive decline. 

Green Tea loss the Weight

Green tea weight loss ,less fat function ,reducing your risk of chronic disease. Unsweetened tea causes you to pack on the pond. 

Green tea is full of nutrition facts. Green tea is non fermented. When it is prepared hot its calories can count as low as 2 or 3 calories per 8 ounce (240-ml). 

Adding 1 teaspoon (4 grams) of sugar adds 16 calories to your drink. While 1 tablespoon (21

grams ) of sugar adds 64 calories. 

Green tea is made of green tea ,milk, sweetened water, sugar and cream. More can you add as you like. In our weddings and in normal functions green tea is very common. It is liked by everyone . 

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are made by brewing herbs peppermint lavender, rooibos and hibiscus with no calories.. Herbs are used in it. It is also very useful for health. It is similar due to its natural taste. 

Milk Tea

There are mostly no calories in tea , just 2 calories which is not enough. When you add milk and sugar in it ,then it makes calories . Mostly, the best way to make tea is, take some water and heat it on fire. After that, put some tea,sugar and milk in it. And boil it for 10 minutes. 

In all areas , milk tea is liked more than anyone else. In all shops and hotels milk tea is used. As usual in houses women used salt, cinnamon and cardamom as well. 

If you use 4 ounces of whole milk it will take 75 calories from milk. Its ratio is normally, 1:3 of tea to milk. 

Bubble Tea

It is also known as boba tea. It is used in every house, shop and hotel also. It is a tea which is normally used in houses and everyone likes it very much for its taste. 

Everyone has its own mode and similarly its taste. Some people like tea with some extra tea, others like tea with extra sugar,or milk. As you know that boba tea is mostly liked in road shops, where drivers stay and refresh their energy for more work. Cow’s milk has 16 ounces 240 calories. 

Iced and Sweetened teas

You can make it with hot water ,milk and sugar. You can add more things in it . It can be used as cold and hot too.It also has many calories due to milk.  .  

Black Tea 

Black tea is used and liked  more than all types of tea. It is fermented. As you know, tea without sugar and milk is calories free. 

Tea is mostly made by pouring hot water on the leaves, buds or stems of camellia sinensis plants. When you add milk in tea it becomes the source of calories . All types of milk are good for health and have nutritional value in themselves. 

Black tea is delicious for its preparation of lemon , peach, mint and ellachi source of 150 calories 

Chai Tea 

Chai tea is also called made chain. Heavy cream is used in it. Powder is also used to make it tasty and thicker. High cream is especially high in fat 100 per ounce 240 calories. 

Nutrition Facts 

  • Calories          :62
  • Fat                   :3.2g
  • Cholesterol    :9.9mg
  • Sodium           :43mg
  • Sugar              :5g

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