How long do butterflies live
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God made this world so beautiful. Decorate it with so many colourful things. 

These colours attract our eyes. Butterflies are beautiful creatures. Butterflies are the beauty of a garden or a place. Here ,we tell you briefly about a butterfly. First of all,we discuse about the difference In butterflies and moths.

Recognition between butterflies and moths

We distinguish between a butterfly and a moth at the position when they are at rest.

Butterflies mostly hold wings together and fur upright  the body.

And the moths hold fur widely and fussy strout. 

How long butterflies live?

Here are some views about their lives. Mostly,the adults live for two to four weeks.

A swallowtail butterfly can generally live 6 to 14 days . A monarch butterfly can live From 7 to 9 months.  Do you know in North America,the longest living butterfly is the Mourning clock Living up to 11 months as adults.

Butterflies Never Sleep

Butterflies do not ever sleep at day time. And the most interesting thing about butterflies,

They sleep with open eyes. Butterflies took their head aside while they rested

Long lifespan butterflies:

The mourning clock ,monarch and swallowtail may live about more than a year.

In Summer,monarchs that migrate to Mexico may live up to six months.

Some long lived butterflies up to six months as adults.

Multiple factors can affect a species’ overage lifespan.

For example,monarch butterflies mostly, live for 1 to 6 weeks.Their place and hibernate

 Which can more than double the lifespan.

Normally, the majority species like painted lady live for only two weeks.

The mourning clock lives in the tropics in winter before mating in the spring.

And other types of butterflies hibernate in Winter in the holes in trees by man made.

Some small species live no more than a week. While,predators and other threats on

significantly shorten the lifespan of others.

Production Stages

There are four stages :


A lady butterfly can give 100 eggs at a time.But unfortunately, only two or three

Eggs are left .Eggs mostly, broken or sprout due to weather. This hatch into a larva

Which itself turns into a pupa. Sometimes hanging from a leaf , pupa than change

Into butterflies,a work in which most of the cells in the insect’s body are broken down and built again.


After hatching they lay normally, live for 1 to 5 weeks and this varies depends on species. 

Do you know it is a difficult time in the insects life cycle due to weather,condition and diseases.

In this short period caterpillars eat and eat a great quantity of food,

In this duration , they multiply there body thousand times.their exoskeleton as they outgrow,

Then, this act can happen a number of times until they pupa,


In our childhood our elders told us many stories that were not accurate stories. A common misconception that butterflies spin a silk around themselves.Most of butterflies species do

It too.Butterflies cute pupate into chrysalises.which help as safer shells as the insect mature

Into adults,


Now the main act will be upon in this the main trigger is the temperature of the life cycle to end,butterflies that form their chrysalis in human dwellings can emerge promoted by central heating.

Affective points in butterfly lifespan


Big size give long life to a creature.and the small size will be obviously give small size


There are many points that affect it . And the species are most affected


Butterflies are cold blooded,so the temperature also affects how long they live.

But the migratory tend to live longer.They spend their more time in favourable place

More their eggs are laid in cold weather,they will remain as eggs until weather comes around.

4 Captivity.   

Monarch has more captivity to live longer.and the adults has no more time to live.Their 

Life depends on their captivity.

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