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Love makes the world beautiful. Everything became beautiful and looked fresh. The main question is how to know if someone falls in love. Love is the greatest power in the world. This power can make and break everything. But fortunately, it has mostly positive effects. When a person falls in love, the changes can be seen by everyone, not only the lover. The atmosphere changes automatically. Everything looked happy and beautiful. The changing, you will feel me. A lover feels that the world has changed, A lover feels that everything is smiling and the sadness has finished from the world.   

Love is present in every relationship. Love requires attention and response. But it is not necessary, because when a person falls in true love, love makes clear and reasonable to everything. It is not necessary if you love someone, the second person will also love you. Love is not to do, it has to be done. Love is not seen in the face, physical, cast, and color. 

A lover thinks that his lover is the most beautiful person in the world. There is nothing just like his own love. For example, a mother thought that her child is the most beautiful child in the world. No one will be like her child. 

Similarly, love is love even for a mother or a lover. You feel relaxed and comfortable in the presence of your love. The company of your love gives you smooth relaxation and happiness. You will feel that everybody looks smiling and happy. You feel that your love is very essential for you. The absence of love makes you sad and anxious. The presence of your love makes you strong for any trouble. Love makes us strong and powerful for bearing the hardness and difficulties to fight with others. 

The absence of your love makes you sad and lonely. You feel that everything is useless and poor. The absence of your love makes you weak too. You will lose your power of bearing and stamina. You will feel lonely and sad without it. It will be essential for you just like air, water, and food. 

There is no need for the same response. Love can also be one-sided. It may happen that whoever you love also loves you in the same way. You want to answer, but if there is no response, you will try to make it easy. 

Love also wants a  relationship. Love will become more powerful in a relationship. You want to see your love in front of your eyes every time. You want to feel it every time.  You never reject what your lover says. Your best effort will be to agree to your love in every condition. You will never think that you are wrong. Love is never distinguished between right and wrong. 

Science has also accepted love. It has true emotion. It has solid and basic reasons. If you love true love it means that you are not wrong. You have the option to agree with your lover. You will never lose your love at any cost. You will try your best to find and assess your love. 

Love is very essential in life. Love makes life beautiful and complete.  

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