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Let us introduce Nataša.

First of all, I would like to wish you all the best in the New Year and the upcoming holidays. May health serve you, happiness accompanies you, and thank you for contacting me for such a wonderful conversation. Music has always been the perfect topic.

For those who don’t know, I’m Nataša Đurić, from Banja Luka, and I’m 28 years old. Participated in numerous music festivals, participant in the X Factor music competition, pop, and folk young singer. Also a vocal instructor. 

How did your love for music begin?

I’m not sure if I have an answer to this question because I have the impression that I was already a part of art, more specifically music, at birth. This is evidenced by my grandmother’s sentence when I was born: “This will be my grandmother’s singer!”. Which soon came true. Already at the age of 7, my first performance was at a school performance, when I had a solo point in which I clearly showed signs of musical talent. This was followed by competition at children’s festivals, and enrollment in the junior music school “Vlado Milošević”, where my main focus was on the wind instrument flute. Already at the age of 13, I received the conductor’s baton under the mentorship of professor Milanka Vidović, who led the school choir. Upon completion, of both primary and lower music, I continue my education in music and enroll in high school, also “Vlado Milošević”, a male associate major, in flute and piano instruments. I didn’t stop at high school, I decided to go one step further, so I enrolled in the music academy in Banja Luka. That’s when I realized that in addition to musical talent I have, I also possess the power of pedagogy in transferring knowledge, which made me start my singing school. 

What is it like to teach others to sing and can everyone learn to sing?

It’s a great feeling when you impart knowledge to people. This makes you fulfilled and happy because you know that their success is actually your success. With one experiment, two years ago, I proved that everyone can “learn” to sing, but that it is definitely not for everyone. We all have heard, only some are born to use it, and some are not. With the help of many turds and perseverance in work, we can awaken that hearing in ourselves. However, even without talent, i.e. soulful musicality, the work will not bring much. Sometimes even talent is not enough without work.

How to reach you?

I recently started using the same name for my own band and school called “Nataša & Staccato” on popular social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. On these pages, there are additional options for contact such as number and email.

Of course, if someone wants to hear my vocal abilities, I regularly inform my followers where they can come and enjoy themselves with me.

What would you say about music in our area, is it possible to make a living from this business?

We are witnessing that a strange time has come for the music. Other styles are valued, they are a bit unusual and unreal for me, but I try to stick to my direction and the trend at the same time. I’m balancing. As I said, another trend has arrived and it must be followed, in that case, you can live well, but unfortunately not for long. Because every trend is short-term.

And as far as music education is concerned, the earnings are not the same as on the music scene, but they are still more long-term and more secure.

What does music mean to you?

Singing is something I really do from the heart, so the microphone is much more than a “device” that enables my existence. Music is everything to me and I live it through all genres. The people who follow me at the performance also feel it.

Do you enjoy any leisure activities, what do you do in your extra time?

As I am an artist at heart, I used to dance in my spare time. At one point, I even trained professionally at the “Blok” Dance Club, Hip-Hop/Urhbanize. I won first place in competitions with the team. Before the holidays, I like to dedicate myself to “handmade” cosmetics that I personally make from exclusively natural ingredients. My free time is actually filled with creative works, in any way. I don’t like to sleep much and use every trace of light for useful things.

What are your plans?

In the near future, I want to enrich the singing school with more programs, such as helping my work colleagues. Because night work in stuffy conditions is very difficult and exhausting. We need to learn to deal with it while preserving our health and vocal abilities.

The plan is to register for another festival, like the last one in Romania, where I represented Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And of course, as the crown of everything, to realize me in the author’s work. There are already a couple of texts and musical arrangements in the drawer.

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