Chat GPT Use Banned in French University Due to Scam
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Chat GPT Use Banned in French University Due to Scam. Due to worries about fraud and plagiarism, a French institution has prohibited the usage of ChatGPT, a language model created by OpenAI. Because of concerns that students could use ChatGPT to create assignments or other academic work that is not their own, the institution decided to ban its usage. The prohibition, which forbids students from using the program for any academic objectives, is a blatant sign of the rising worry about the possibility of immoral uses for artificial intelligence capabilities.

The university’s prohibition of ChatGPT is not the first time artificial intelligence technologies have been outlawed in a school setting. Universities have occasionally banned AI products, such as essay writing software and others, in recent years due to similar worries about fraud and plagiarism. The use of AI technologies in education is a complicated topic since, although they might be used to improve learning and simplify academic work, they can also be utilized for immoral ends.

Universities and other educational institutions need to carefully assess the ethical and practical issues that the use of ChatGPT in teaching poses. What, for instance, constitutes plagiarism in a future where AI technologies are capable of producing content? How can colleges make sure that students aren’t creating work that isn’t their own utilizing AI tools? And what part should AI play in academic research and teaching?

In conclusion, the French university’s decision to prohibit ChatGPT is a reflection of the rising worry over the possibility of using AI technologies in teaching unethically. Although there are numerous potential advantages to using AI in education, it is crucial for institutions to carefully assess the ethical and practical ramifications of these tools and to take precautions to make sure they are utilized responsibly and in accordance with established standards.


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