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Healthy mind in your healthy body” is a wise folk proverb. One of the important indicators of health is the absence of excess weight. However, sometimes this is not so easy to do. How to lose weight in 2023, tell the astrological forecast. The heavenly bodies will tell you when it will be easier to give up junk food and what period will be favorable for intense sports.


What diet to choose for each month of winter

It is a tradition that everyone postpones important matters to January 1st . The stars warn this is a bad idea. Spend your New Year holidays relaxing. Start losing weight from the second decade of the month, even better from the 12th. Unusual, but light diets with a high content of vegetables and fruits in the diet will help to cope with extra pounds.


In February , focus on drinks. Focus on water. To make it tastier, add lemon and mint to it. Try to avoid sugary carbonated drinks, packaged juices, alcohol. Minimize your intake of black tea and coffee.
Take care of yourself in December . Wrong month for hard restrictions. If you have problems with weight, contact a nutritionist and make an individual diet. It is advisable to take tests before that.

How to lose weight in spring 2023

Count the calorie content of dishes in March . Due to beriberi, there is a risk of eating too many sweets. They help to cope with stress, and also contribute to the accumulation of kilograms.

April is favorable for yoga and physical education. Loads in the hall will not bring the expected effect. Walk more from the second half of the month. A fruit diet will help get rid of the hated folds.

The first three weeks of May do not eat confectionery. Love sweet? Then a fruit diet is perfect for you. Natural sugars will saturate and will not remain in the folds. Spend more time walking.

What diet to choose in the summer according to astro forecast

In June , refrain from hard restrictions. The astrological forecast warns that you may be too critical of your body – these are the consequences of the influence of Lilith. Choose a sparing diet and do not overdo it in the gym.
Take care of the nervous system in July . Stress makes you overeat. If you are calm, then it will be easier to lose weight. The optimal diet is considered curative. However, do not limit yourself too much, because this is also stress for the body.

August will be the best month for getting rid of extra pounds. Reduced appetite and active rest will make your folds “melt”. Do physical exercise or fitness every day. Get exercise at least 10 minutes of the day.

How to lose weight in autumn 2023

Questions about your appearance will cause excitement in September . Don’t worry too much. Discuss these issues with loved ones and refrain from impulsive decisions. Any strict diet will be unfavorable.

In the third decade of October, think about nutrition. A 10-day diet will have a good effect on your figure and health. To lose weight, avoid these foods:

fast food;
fried and smoked food;
November will be a favorable month for getting rid of excess weight. But only if you really need it. If you really want to lose weight and believe in the result, then you will succeed. The forecast recommends visualization. Make a collage of yourself after losing weight. This will motivate you.

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