3-Point Slinger
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If you are a professional photographer, you think to get the best pictures everywhere. But, even after that, you think about your comfort as well. For that reason, most professional photographers avoid carrying their cameras in their bags as it is a bit hard to carry, you never know when you might get an opportunity to click the best picture. For that purpose, they carry their cameras in hand. And to protect it from falling, they use 3-point slingers for their cameras.

What is a 3-point slinger?

Now, what exactly is a 3-point slinger? A professional might know it, but, for starters, we can say that it is a strap for carrying the camera. If we take a look at it, we will find some really exciting features in a 3-point slinger that attracts every professional photographer towards itself. A 3-point slinger is a specific type of slinger that is, connected to the bottom of the camera. The rest of the strap passes over your whole body and shoulder making life easy for you. The 3-point slinger reduces the time of contact between you and the camera, that they help you in taking the perfect shot.

Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of the camera is explained very well from the name of the appliance. It has 3 contact points which include a cross-shoulder strap, which is worn over the chest or the back. Despite all the facts, this product helps you in protecting your camera so it is an alternative to any camera bag positively.


As we know that the products introduced in markets related to cameras are of great use. In that way, a 3-point slinger is also of great use and has multiple benefits.

Easy to use

Firstly it makes the life of a professional photographer easy in many ways. All you have to do is to carry it like a backpack or a strap. This will reduce the distance between you and the camera and by that, your camera will be easily accessible at the time of an unexpected great shot.

Rapid response

A professional photographer never knew when he might get an excellent shot and for that purpose, he needs a mind that responds rapidly, a camera that works rapidly and a protective device that can protect the camera and helps you in lifting the camera rapidly. If you are a photographer for celebrities this product is perfect for you.


Another thing that is covered by the use of this product is the safety of the camera. Since your camera and slinger both are near you there is nearly no chance of damage. Even if you focus more on safety a professional photographer might drop the camera while taking pictures in motion but if he will be using the 3-point slinger his camera will not fall on the ground.

Easy to Adapt            

The product is quite adaptive as there is no hard and fast rule to use, so anyone with common sense can use it easily. Apart from that this makes life even easier for the photographer as it will not allow the camera to come in the way and can stay on the back of the person.

Now after giving you a fact check about the 3-point slingers I am moving towards the next task i.e., how will you know which slinger to use? No worries, here I am with the best 5 3-point slingers that are loved by professional photographers.

Top 5 3-point slingers

  1. Blackrapid Breathe Support

Blackrapid 3-point slinger is considered one of the best slingers for professional photographers. It has a nylon webbed pad that rests on the shoulder of the photographer giving them comfort during photography. Plus it also includes moisture protection and a carabiner feature that perfectly locks the slinger. It has a dual manner of wearing giving the photographer a luxurious option. Despite its good look it also has a great grip that holds the camera in a very well manner. This might be very good but it has a problem i.e. this slinger is only good for right-handed people. It is used for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

  1. Waka Rapid 3-point slinger

I know that some professional photographers need heavy-duty slingers at a reasonable price, and a waka rapid 3-point slinger is the best option. With perfect durability and affordability, it has amazing features of slingers. The most perfect thing is the pocket present on the shoulder pad of the slinger that is used for keeping memory cards, batteries and other accessories. It has an adjustable strap that makes the life of a professional photographer perfect in many ways. You can increase or decrease the length of the slinger as per your wish.  Above all, it consists of a metal plate and an anti-slip shoulder pad that makes the grip perfect.

  1. USA Gear TrueShot

If you are searching for a unique slinger then you might use USA Gear TRUESHot. This 3-point slinger has some better options than the usual ones making it different from others. This slinger has an underarm stabilizing strap with a perfect shoulder pad built with neoprene. It also has a pocket for storing accessories. The best feature of this slinger is the integrated SD card which is accessible. The pocket present is a built-in elastic pocket with tether strap security and an adjustable lock.

  1. Altura 3-point slingers

Altura 3-point slingers are my personal favourite as they have many great features. Above them, is a safety sling with a rubber-backed plate that is attached with a tripod screw? Like many other slingers, it has a zipped pocket on the shoulder pad which is capable to store extra batteries only. I might not say it is the best as its durability is not as perfect. It might be used by a beginner who wanted to start photography with a low budget.

  1. PiuQ

PiuQ camera slinger is also the choice of many photographers as it provides complete protection to their camera with the bits of help of the rubber base and the screw eyelet that is connected to a lockable carabiner. The shoulder strap is thickly padded and gives nice protection from scratches.

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